Special Towing 

Here at Louie Towing we tow light duty boat on trailer, RV on wheels, compressors  on wheel, generators on wheels, cement mixers on wheels and if it has wheels and it rolls it will get towed 

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Here at Louie Towing we tow light to meduim duty trailers and commercial grade hitch in a secure and easy to connect manner. 


Common searces for your boat, generator, compressor and small office trailer: Need to tow my boat, Need to tow my generator, Need to tow my

compressor, Need to tow my  office trailer, Need boat towing, Need generator towing, Need compressor towing , Need office trailer towing, Need boat tow, Need generator tow, Need compressor tow, Need office trailer tow.  

         Louie Towing inc.




               24 hr  7 days   




   220 Park Ave Brooklyn  New York  11205   


       (God Bless) Our City and our falling heroes  Remembering 911.....


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 Louie loves Brooklyn because it is a big, busy and a beautiful borough.....