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Gas Delivery 

24 HR Towing Brooklyn  can deliver up to 5 gallons of gas or diesel  for you to be able to drive yourself to the closest gas station for a re-fill. The price of the fuel delivered is not part of the service charge for delivering the fuel. Customers who request this service will have to pay for the amount of gas requested separately  We also deliver diesel fuel to a large commercial trucks. 


Drivers and car owners it is highly recomended to keep a minuim of 1/4 of fuel in your gas tank. Many models have the fuel pump located inside the gas tank itself, where the fuel itself keeps the fuel pump cooled down. If the gas tank is nearly empty the fuel pump will get to hot and fail. it is also risky to keep low fuel because of the fuel injectors picking up dirt from the lower part of the gas tank. It is recommended to have 1/2 tank of fuel all the time. Fuel filters should be changed at least once a year. Injecter cleaning additives should be added with a full tank of gas every six months. Meduim grade to high test is recommended, stay away from from regular. Make sure your gas cap is not clogged it is a vented style cap. Also change gas cap if rubber seal around it cracked to prevent rain water to enter into the gas tank. Use dry gas during winter time and rainy seasons. 







We do not deliver jet fuel to disabled aircrafts in the galaxy.    Sorry Louie

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