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      Long Distance & Local Brooklyn Auto Transport &  Manhattan Auto Transport          

Are you searching for a quality towing and roadside assistance towing and auto transport company in the Brooklyn NY and Manhattan NYC area. If so then you have come to the right website. At Louie Towing inc. we offer long distance and local  automobile transporting services across varies states. 


We have no limit to how far we can travel as long as the price is right and the vehicle is within capacity for us to safely transport it to your desired destination. We transport light and medium duty vehicles, motorcycles and more. We are a fully licensed  and Insured company with more than 30 years of experience. 


Our staff is bilingual in english and spanish allowing them to understand and assist our customers more effectively than companies who only speak english. We are open

24 hours 7 days a week including holidays. We are located near the Brooklyn Bridge, located near the Manhattan Bridge, Located near the Willamsburg Bridge and near the (BQE) Brooklyn Queens Expressway. 


We will tow under bad weather as long as the weather is not life threatening so just call me and we will discuss a price. 


Thank You for choosing the best.   


                                                                            Louie Owner 


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