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Removal of Illegally parked vehicles 

Brooklyn Navy Yard & Police Impound Towing (700 colombia street) 


RV and special equipment vehicles towing  

Dog Friendly 

 24/7  Vehicle Repossession Towing

Louie is simply out of this world

           Coney Island Amusment Park Brooklyn 

       Founded in 1690 and was called Conney Isle 

 Brooklyn Botanical Gardens   Founded 1910

First Garden founded in 1544 in pisa Italy 

Sheeps Head Bay Marina Founded in 1872 

                    Brooklyn Bridge                                       


Started in1869 and was completed in 1883

             Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza    Founded in 1873 

Prospect Park of Brooklyn         Created in 1867 

Brooklyn Library          renamed on 1878 

Brooklyn Museum                Founded in 1895 

Brooklyn U.S Post Building

Open by 1891 


Juniors Restaurant

Founded by 1950

 Brooklyn's Barclays center       open to the public 2012 

These sites you just saw are just some

of Brooklyn's Finest Landmarks 

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Here at Louie Towing we are the real 24/7 emergency towing service of Brooklyn NEW YORK no other company compares.We cover the entire Brooklyn area and downtown Manhattan NYC area too!

Over (700) Reviews here are some of them 

Google Review by David Neibart 

Big fan of Louie.  He not only helped me out of a jam, he brightened my day on the way to the garage.  He turned what was a headache into something life-affirming.  He's not just reliable and someone you can trust.  He also has a big heart, and that means something.  Thanks Louie.


Google Review by SHAKIR BALIK

Last Friday night i called for a  tow company to assist my wife who was stuck with our Volkswagen and finally i went on Google and I was able to reach Louie's towing. He towed my wife's car home. He is very respectful and we recommend him.


Google Review by Francis E Lijoi

Prompt, Professional & Courteous. This is not really saying enough. Louie turned a terrible day for me into a good memorable experience that I will never forget. My motorcycle's clutch failed on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon. Many companies say they can tow a motorcycle. Think again. After roasting in the sun for seven hours and being rejected by towing companies, no-shows, or people showing up with gigantic grappling hooks to tow my bike without any idea of how to tow a motorcycle I found Louie Towing. Louie said he would show up in 25 minutes. He was there much quicker than that. Louie took great care with maneuvering my 1000 pound Harley Davidson CVO Limited Edition Ultra Classic Electra Glide of which there are only 999 on the planet. He secured it so firmly that I was willing to do the Baja with the bike secured to his tow vehicle. The ride home with my bike in tow was done with care and caution on the Baja streets of Brooklyn. The conversation on the way home with Louie made me forget the miserable day I had been having. Louie unloaded the bike with the same care as he had loading the bike. Complete professionalism. Of course, Louie also helped me roll the bike into the garage. A very courteous gentleman, and a true professional. Thank You Louie!


Google Review by Reshida Carter

Not only did he meet me in less then 15 minutes. He also took my car safely to the garage then drove me back to my location. Thank you Louis for your skills and kindness! I will surely pass your info to my neighbors. Excellent work all the way!!!


Google Review Luis Hernandez

Hola Soy Taxista y esta madrugada estaba con mi carro danado y el unico servicio de grua que me atendio fue Louie Towing, Fue un excelente servicio y profesionalidad que me brindaron. 






Yelp Review  by Amy C. 

Louie saved my day! Came quickly and jumped my car super fast. Friendly and funny and gave me a cheap rate. I'll call him any other time I may need him in...


Facebook Review  by Kelly Lewis

Saved the day at the impound lot! Came to the rescue! Awesome!!


Yelp Review  by Matthew P.

A very nice guy. Super fair. Arrived when he said he would. Charged me exactly the price he quoted on the phone for a jump start, and refused to take a...


Facebook Review by Dave Cole

Louie was the ONLY guy in Brooklyn on a Sunday night at 130 in the morning to come out and help me jump my car. He was very polite and timely and helped me out of a huge jam. Nothing buy positive things to say about his services


Facebook Review by Nathaniel Okine

I was in new york last week, i was in time square and left my lights on for may hours called may tow companies and got only voice-mails. i got Louie Towing and he was fair with his prices. he was quick and got me on the road and i recommend him.


Facebook Review by Sonya Blesofsky

Let's face it --no one wants to call for a tow. But if you have to get your car towed, Louie is your man. Louie came super-quick, (like ridiculously quick,) was professional, priced the service reasonably, and helped to smooth over a rough situation. The guy went way above and beyond the tow I had paid for --he spent extra time to help out with some heavy lifting and even drove me back home. I've never had an irritating situation with my car turn out so positively. Thanks Louie.


Facebook Review by Luis E Maria

A couple of days ago me & my friends got stuck with our van at 330am and only louie towing was the only tow company that really came to our rescue thanks louie you are the best.


Facebook Review by Larry Loveislove Bugett

Not only was Louie a professional and a honorable person he also was caring and a great human being ... I was locked out my car at a gas station on Howard ave @ eastern parkway he got me in my vehicle and let me warm up in his truck, and gave me more then a fair price , he left I called him back because not only was I out of gas my battery dies as soon as I got gas Within 5 min he was back with a boost .... great guy 5 stars isn't enough!!! Thanks Lou


Facebook Review by Abraham Arthur

Louie thanks for holding me down when I was in desperate need for a tow and flat fix. He took care of my Mercedes Benz e350 4matic and even gave me some good advice. He is for sure the guy you wanna call when your in a jam, if you from brooklyn he will take care of you. Thanks again


What can I say...Louie appeared like a knight in shining armor and saved the day. There I was stranded with my car on a Sunday evening and in traffic on the way to the Holland tunnel but, I was still the luckiest girl in the world. Not only did our wonderful men in blue (the NYPD) come through for me when they had me call Louie...but, then Louie arrived within 5 minutes and with his expertise not only got me right back on the road but, did so with kindness and caring. I could not ask for anything more. Wonderful service and wonderful man. I highly recommend him. God bless


Facebook Review by Johnna Marciano Kinney

You will NEVER need another tow service ever! Came on a Sunday! Me- frazzled and lost in a city where I didn't know who to call. Him- on time, considerate, helpful, thorough, above & beyond. This man helped my neighbor shovel while he waited for me!! I'll never call anyone else.


Facebook Review by Mark Roman

First off, let me say that not only do I have Emergency Roadside Assistance with my insurance company, I'm also a former tow operator/dispatcher. I caught a flat tire and bent my rim coming off of the BQE in Brooklyn. After spending an hour on the phone with my insurance company and getting 2-3 hour ETAs (which is what tow companies do when they don't wanna come service you), my wife found Louie's number. I called him, the price was reasonable, and he showed up when he said he would (actually earlier, he said 25 minutes, and arrived in 20). Louie hooked my car up, quickly and safely, without scraping the underside of my wife's car which was EXTRA low to the ground. He took us to a tire shop which was also extremely reasonable. All in all, he delivered upon every promise, made us feel comfortable, and turned what I thought was a hellish experience into a fun little adventure. Louie, thank you for your help and I will not hesitate to call you if I need service again. Thanks! 


Facebook Review by Emily Lam

THE best! My engine was leaking coolant and eventually overheated near the BQE. Called Louie and he made it to me in less than 20 mins! This was probably around 11pm. I got my car towed from Brooklyn to Queens. Super nice guy and completely professional. Accepts credit cards and that's a huge plus!!! 


Facebook Review by Jan Howell

Twice now my aging car has let me down and twice Louie has been out to take me to a garage to get me fixed. Professional, courteous and friendly. Highly recommended.


Yelp Review by Danielle B.

Louie was a blessing on an early Sunday morning! His service was exceptional,he was professional and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend his services...


Google Review by Vital Charles

Great person all around wonderful sense of humor and reasonable price. He is a really nice guy and will not try to rip you off like the rest. I would highly recommend Louie!


Google Review by Joseph Kinsman

Called Louie due to a bad alternator leaving me stranded. Very polite and professional over the phone and was Very quick to arrive on the seen. I enjoyed the ride over to the mechanics with pleasant conversation and we even stopped for coffee and pastry on that chilly morning. I have called many other companies in Brooklyn and trust me, you need to call Louie! many of the others couldn't even understand simple English. And I loved the truck totally decked out with Spider man!



Google review by Katti Wachs

I had a great experience with Louie. My car was stuck in the snow, couldn't drive away. Called Louie at 7.30am and even though it was that early he agreed to come over and help me with the situation. The fee he gave me was reasonable. He came at the scheduled time and in a couple of minutes my car was rolling again. Not only did he get my car out of the snow but he also cleaned the windshield and windows of the accumulated snow. The whole experience was very positive and I never felt he was trying to take advantage of the situation, which some other people might do. I have saved his information and definitely will call him again if I need towing services . Thanks Louie!


Google Review by Gabriel Muniz

Louie is a reliable man, he's very trustworthy and he has helped me in many tough situations. I've always been able to count on him when i'm on the spot and i would recommend him over any other tow company. He has a very good heart and he is a very stand up guy! I guarantee, Louie Towing is the best!


Google Review by George Weiner

Honest, nice guy doing great work in Brooklyn. I was in a huge rush to get out of the city and he helped me with a jump start within 45 minutes of calling him. Would definitely call him again.

Google Review by Dene Basil

I had a great experience with Louie. The fee he gave me was reasonable. The experience was very positive. He was recommended to me highly. I felt comfortable with him taking care my car. I have saved his information and definitely will call him again if I need towing services or any other road side assistants. . Mashanda....






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